Thursday, February 23, 2012

saucony Progrid Mirage Running Shoes

The saucony mirage is a shoe that combines both light weight and comfortable, luxurious cushioning shoe. Other running shoe models like Adidas Adiro tempo and Nike Elite have tried to combine these two qualities and some have succeeded to some degree. With the durability support of a trainer Saucony Mirage has succeeded to create a concept with all elements spiced up with ride and transition. The 4mm low heelto toe drop Progade lite foam for cushioning makes the shoe compatible for runners with slight pronation. The shoe has been tested on roughly 200 miles on gravel paths, snow and through the snow.

The Saucony ProGrid Mirage is a shoe characterised with high performance. Throughout the mid foot section all the way to the heel the shoe hugs the foot creating great comfort and oneness. The new composites cushioning maintains buoyancy and will not compress in time.

The supportive arch which is made of a high density plastic that is flexible runs through the back third part of the shoe. This support increases the lengths of the run while the shoes gives adequate support keeping the foot protected and reducing the risk of turning the ankle.Bare foot strides are naturally 0 mm and most of the running shoes are adopting this low heel which offers protection to the foot calves.

Saucony ProGrid outsole is made from durable solid carbon rubber that improves traction and will not pick up small rocks or mud. This practice is very rare in the running shoe industry.

A light density mesh has been adopted for the upper giving the shoe a much improved durability keeping dust and debris away from the shoe. This traditional mesh maintains warmth in the shoes in low temperatures and allows enough air in warm temperatures. On the inside moisture wicking heel and a sock liner keeps the feet dry.

The performance of the Saucony has exceeded my expectations. The simple non abrasive upper, the light weight cushioning and the responsive firm touch support me through the runs on tired legs. In my opinion the shoe offer adequate protection and support a true friend during training workouts.

The saucony combines exciting elements of shoe design representing the future of the running shoes industry. A combination of light weight foam and low heel drop retains a bounce and resiliency of the shoe allowing the runner to enjoy and appreciate the simplicity of human foot function.

While the http://www.runningshoesguru.com/2011/04/saucony-progrid-mirage-running-shoes-review Saucony Progrid Mirage is not only for professionals, you can also view other brands onSaucony running shoes


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